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Goa King's Pilser

Goa King’s Pilsener is a #musthave Beer while visiting Goa. It has a cult factor and is intrinsic to Goan life. Formerly it was known as King’s Black Label Pilsner Beer when the brand was owned by Impala Distillery and Brewery Ltd. Now the brand is owned by Viking Group which acquired it in 2015.

Look and Pour: A nice pale golden yellow pour with a thin and very fast fading froth cap. Overall the look is a bit dull.

Aroma: The aroma consists lot of hops with a sweet hint. It has a mild smokey fragrance that adds to the overall impression. In general, it remains low on smell due to the absence of a decent froth cap. Froth cap helps in getting proper aroma as it brings the smell components to the surface of the beer and thus opens up a range of flavors. Also, as this beer has simple ingredients – Water, hops, and maize flakes, there is no distinct fruity aroma as there is an absence of such ingredients. Hops comprise the main aroma inducing component with sweetness brought by maize flakes. Smokey aroma might have been induced during the process of brewing.

Taste and After-Taste: Goa King’s Pilsner Beer is slightly thick in texture but in general smooth and watery.  Hops and maize bring little sweetness with a bitter after taste. Maize brings the only taste components with some smokey feeling which would have been induced during brewing. It is a good beer with no nonsense. Light on flavors and the smokey tint lifts the overall experience. Best to have when chilled and difficult when it turns warm.

Overall: Goa King’s Pilsner is one of the beers that have been traditionally been brewed in India. It gets the credit of standing apart from the otherwise usual Indian lager beer market by its distinct qualities. The bottle has a very different shape and attitude.

Goa King's Pilser


Goa King's Pilsner


Goa King's Pilsner


Goa King's Pilsner

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