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Koshy’s has been a favorite since I came to Bangalore in 2007. Like the erstwhile Indian Coffee House on M G Road, Koshys reminds us of Bangalore’s rich culinary heritage. I have been a regular visitor to Koshy’s and my favorite time to visit Koshy’s is for a weekend or holiday brunch.
Location and some information:
Koshy’s is located on the very popular Anil Kumble Circle off M G Road and it is easy to spot it due to the old charming name boards which still adores the place. It is very easy to locate and there might be hardly anyone who would not know its location. There is no parking available near Koshy’s, hence one needs to park on M G Road, Museum Road or Church Street. Best is to come by public transport and avoid driving on this busy stretch.
Koshy’s started in the pre-independence era and is currently managed by the 3rd generation of the family. Yet the management has taken care to preserve its interiors as close to the old times as possible. It has very simple wooden interiors but definitely very charming and different than modern interiors. There are two seating sections – Airconditioned and non-air conditioned. The air-conditioned seating is more like a family dining area. The non-airconditioned area is more like a tavern and it becomes noisy during rush hours.
What I like to eat:
I always visit Koshy’s taking some extra time. My favorite is to have a few beers along with some simple food and spend time reading a book or writing something. When I visit here, I usually aim to draft 2-3 blog posts while having chilled beer. Among the food, my favorites are Bun Maska, Grilled Fish in Brown Sauce, Prawn Bhajji and Omelette. Sometimes I end up with a cup of delicious coffee.
You can expect variations in service at here. I usually go here taking enough time as I love spending time here. So to me, slow service doesn’t matter. The staff is very well versed with the food dishes, etiquettes and are very helpful.
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Hiral Amodia
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