Lessons from the elevator button



It was my usual day at work. I reached office after struggling the merciless traffic of Bangalore. I was angry and disheartened. That is when suddenly a thought struck my mind on seeing this rather an unusual elevator button which had the only option of going “Upwards”. It took my attention as it taught me an interesting lesson.

Resting on a pitch-black marble was this shimmering and illuminated elevator button with nothing else around, not even another button as a company. There was no nonsense, no nuisance but just a clear message “Think Forward, Think Upwards, Think Positive and Think Big!”

There will be many occasions when life will try to pull us down. We go through rough patches and reach almost at a breaking point. How much ever we are surrounded by the pitch-dark situations, it all depends on whether we give life that “Down” pressing button or not. If we don’t give that option then no one in the world can bring us down.

Lessons that I learned today are – Think Forward, Think Upwards, Think Positive, Think Big and never give the “Down” pressing button of my life to anyone.

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Hiral Amodia


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